Living in a Soulless City

Colombo could be described as dirty,  yes despite vigorous efforts to keep the city clean people still throw their trash outside dustbins, it can be smelly too in some quarters and no one will deny the heavy traffic 

But, Colombo definitely has something that will immediately strike you. It is a living breathing city with a soul.

What about a soul , you would ask me ? 

The lack of a soul , drove me away from several of most beautiful cities of the world.

Even the occasional catcalling , taxi drivers asking whether you want a ride,  vendors advertising their wears on the streets , I missed when visiting several of world’s most organized cities. 

I for myself , an introvert , a thorough bread feminist  and a liberal  respect the right of every woman  and man to go where ever he or she like ag any time of the day without being harassed and cat called. 

I admit Colombo is not the safest city of the  world when dark and not just foreign women but men too have told me that they don’t feel safe roaming around the city when dark.

But still I reiterate the point , Colombo is a living , breathing city , and it deserve full credit for being so. 

Once , I got into a public transport bus , and immediately found out that I had left my wallet at home. 

I need to get down,  I have forgotten my wallet , I informed the bus attendant. Never mind , have this Rs. 100 told an unknown passenger. I thanked him profusely . No worries , he told me , I work for the police.

Then again in the same public transport buses , I have been harassed by perverted souls , that I was devastated , that I hated myself for days. “ Why is this happening to me , is something wrong with the way I dress , walk , smile “?

Still, I have had people who spoke up for me, even at the point of being threatened by these perverts, that I felt redeemed. 

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