Chance Encounter

When the opportunity finally downed, she was rendered speechless. In fact, she desperately tried to remember the beautiful quotes,  she had been collecting for this very day. 

Every living moment of her life had been invaded by him. Life had gone on, with the feeling acutely the pain of his absence.

They had fought a lot , for seemingly inconsequential things.  

“ You looked at that girl “ 

“ No, sweetheart,  you know I have this slight squint, that is the reason that you misunderstand me “ 

Now she was painfully aware that the squint and the myopia had been all hers. 

She had waited all this while for him , and he came to her life she wanted him to be so perfect that , she fought with him to the extent that she drove him away.

“You shouldn’t have been so near perfect” she wanted to tell him “ that I strove to make you perfect “ The very reason that brought them together was the reason for them to part.

Now , with him in front of her  words eluded her. 

“ You know what , this is the first time after the breakup that I came here “ He told her,  he  sounded so casual , no even a hint of pain as if he was speaking of the rain. 

When I was you here , I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was almost like those days, when I would wait for you here gazing at the fish. Did you notice that all the big fish are gone , and there are only the small fish.

“ I wonder what happened to the big fish “ Do you think that they ate them ? 

I asked him glad to find something of mutual interest to  talk about. Mean while I was desperately trying to figure out something beautiful from the collections of quotes. But the conversation was continuing from fish , to the aprenent facelift  that the building had received.

Both of us agreed that the old rather rustic look was the best . They spoke about every minute detail of the previous look,  each of them complementing what the other person missed out.

Do you remember the green pathway that extended up to the pond , they had laid a concrete pathway over it.  “ Yes and the big rose Bush at the end of it “ she added but what both of them didn’t voice out loud was  that they exchanged their first kiss while walking on that path just in front of the rose bush. 

How easy would it have been , if they could delete the memories as easy as they could delete the photos out of the phones ? 

Memories are what hurt, she told herself not the fact that she lost him, she understood.

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