Homosapiens, Chimpanzees & Voice.

If you are to observe a captive Chimpanzee in a zoo in your home country or to  observe a wild chimpanzee in the African Savannah it is likely that you would not see any resemblance  between he / she and a homo sapien Male in a designer business suit alighting from his Bentley to rush to his next meeting with a client from the other side of the world in a glass skyscraper in New York  city.  Similarly you would not see any faint similarity between a women in traditional Indian attire playing a melodious musical piece on her sitar to the accompaniment of a bevy of musicians in a packed concert hall in India to a chimpanzee female in African Savannah making a desperate call to her young to get down from the tree top so that to avoid being prey to a lion.

But did you know that humans separated from the evolutionary pathways from chimpanzees just  million years ago. This is just a fraction of a second when compared to the coexsistance of this home we called planet earth.

Also did you know that  the human genome differ from the Chimpanzee genome only less than 2 percent. 

So what made the difference between chimpanzees and humans ? 

You would have thought that it was the size of the brain? But in actual fact there are animals who have larger brains than humans and even Neanderthals – the proto-humans had larger brains than anatomically modern homosapiens  – our species.

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