What COVID 19 Taught Me?

COVID 19 taught me that live in the moment, savour the moment, that life is nothing but a series of, moments.  Things you should do in this moment,  need to get done in this moment because when the next moment comes it will have the baggage of the things that need to be done at that moment.

The sense of urgency I feel now has helped me to get done loads of things I had kept postponing. I had always wanted to have my own blog , now thanks to COVID 19 I have started one, I always kept postponing telling my father that I love him ,  I told her so now post COVID 19 , my nieces wanted a dog, I had kept postponing it telling let’s wait and buy a perfect dog , but post COVID 19 I without much ado obtained not one but a couple of stray dogs and they pay their worth with their gratitude and loyalty.

COVID 19 taught me that being into oneself , cherishing oneself, finding a happy , faithful companion in oneself can be life saving. I am a certified introvert , I have been always happy in my own company but was feeling uneasy that I was not the so called social animal.

But now when people who thrived in connections with others are complaining,  I am thriving in my solitude. 

I recommend every one connect to oneself more, converse with oneself and try to figure out what the real you want , what the real you thrive on.

Most of the human suffering is because most of us do not know what out inner selves want , we are carried away in a societal tide drowning in a whirl pool of materialism,  forgetting what we really want and who we are 

COVID 19 is time for all of us introverts and extroverts alike to connect with our inner being while forgetting the frivolous accessories adorning us.

COVID 19 taught us that we need very little to survive, and that human beings have high reserve capacity to survive adversities  and disasters

 I am amazed at the resilience of the ordinary people who bore the brunt of curfew extending to months, no food on the table and never asked for toilet papers. 

Joke aside except for complaining on social media,  that too occasionally and in wailed comments the majority bore the brunt of COVID 19 lockdown heroically albeit stoically.

Disasters and adversities have been part and parcel of Sri Lankan life. Sri Lanka survived a 30year old war and a devastating Tsunami . COVID 19 was another inevitable happening in the large tapestry of life for Sri  Lankans. 

COVID taught us to trust science and authorities, a lesson if well learnt and inculcated in the collective consciousness would have beneficial effects to the general citizenry. Before COVID a marriage happened only if the fortune teller approved of it and since some planetary combinations failed to gain approval from astrologers no marriage happened. 

More matches were broken than made due to the influence of planets leaving loads of unhappy young men and woman at a quandary: should I marry the man/woman of my dreams despite the unfavourable planetary combination. 

COVID 19 brought loads of resources to the living rooms and office rooms of people. I am a toastmaster and I attended a district conference of toastmasters from my living room. The previous year I had to travel to India, stay in a hotel for almost a week, obtain leave for five days amidst difficulties since I had to find a person to cover up for me, stay away from home for five days. 

This year I stayed in the comfort of my own bed, paid virtually nothing -no air ticket fee, no accommodation fee, no registration fee for the event and all the other assortment fees including the cost for dressing up and buying dresses for the event and enjoyed an equally fabulous event.

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